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Per Ingenium is an IT company located in Toronto, Canada that offers IT solutions, such as IT consulting, IT support, IT maintenance and IT repair (onsite and remote), computer networking and server maintenance services, and internet services.

At Per Ingenium, our mission is to assist our clients in achieving their business goals through effective leveraging of Information Technology.  We achieve this by acting responsibly and with integrity to serve our clients and earn their patronage by providing them with the loyalty of a business ally and the economic benefits of an outside vendor for all of their Information Technology needs and IT services.

The interests of our clients are always placed above all else as we forge an alliance with them to become threir technology partner. We specialize in delivering superior IT services and IT solutions to a varied client base covering many business sectors, while leveraging a vast experience in the IT field.

Through a solid technical competency and experience, we will work with you to implement the components required for a comprehensive solution.

Our goals are to help you:

  • communicate better, faster, and ellegantly
  • produce the products and services that drive your business and bring in revennue and to do so faster, with higher quality and efficiency, and at lower cost
  • sell, invoice, and collect your revenue more efficiently
  • employ energy efficient and environmentally friendly products, tools, and methodologies and pass the savings onto you.

IT solutions that work for your business.